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Are you willing to explore the world with utmost safety keeping your health at check. You have visited the right place.  At Aafiyat Medical Centre we keep a check on your health before you proceed for your tour.

What We Do

Protect Travelers

Yes! We do that. We monitor your health and suggest necessary remedies and precautions before you fly off to your destination.

Protect Organizations

Whenever you are traveling it may be an individual or a group of travelers vaccination and necessary medical checkup is must. We help organizations in securing medical assistance.

Emergency Guidance

Stuck in a medical emergency situation while travelling? How can you get out of it? Well you can connect with us. We can be your emergency guide.

Advisory Services

Comprehensive medical assistance while travelling is what we vouch for. From full-scape pre-travel consultation to vaccination, we are a one-stop solution for all.

Why You Need Us

Stay Healthy During Hajj and Umrah Travel

Hajj and Umrah are religious pilgrimages to Meccah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hajj is performed during the last month of the Islamic year (Dhul Hijah) from the 8th to 12th day. The timing varies every year with respect to the Gregorian Calendar. Umrah can be performed at any time during the year.  Travelers who become ill during Hajj have access to medical facilities strategically located in and around the holy sites. With an estimated 25,000 health care workers in attendance, medical services are offered free of charge to all pilgrims. 

our services


Medical assistance is readily available for pilgrims who fall ill during Hajj, with strategically placed medical facilities in and around the holy sites.


Vaccination plays vital part of travelling, you need to be fully vaccinated while you plan to travel to another destination or country. We can help you with your vaccination process.


Traveling with infants and children can be a tedious journey, and care is very much essential. At Aafiyat Medical Centre we guide you so that you can safely travel with your children.

Your destination of travel can have extreme weather situation that might be unbearable for you. However, at Aafiyat we help you to cope up with extreme temperature situations through our medical assistance.

What Makes Us Different

Our Best Medical Guidance For Travelers

Welcome to Aafiyat Medical Centre, your go-to destination for comprehensive medical guidance for travelers. We understand that traveling can be exciting, but it can also pose health risks. Our team of experienced medical professionals is dedicated to providing you with the best advice and support to keep you healthy and safe during your travels.

Our services include pre-travel consultations, travel vaccinations, medication prescriptions, and post-travel checkups. Our team will assess your individual needs and provide tailored recommendations to ensure you have a worry-free travel experience. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest medical information and guidelines to provide the most accurate and reliable advice.

What We Offer

We cater medical assistance for travelers for a safe and secure journey.

What do we do?

At Aafiyat Medical Centre, we offer comprehensive travel advice to help you stay healthy and safe during your travels. Our guidance covers various aspects of travel health, including pre-travel and routine immunizations, malaria prophylaxis, food and water precautions, personalized travel kits, medication instructions, and potential complications for pre-existing medical conditions.

When to visit us?

You need to visit us before you initiate your journey. We suggest you to check in our office four weeks prior your journey.

Patient come first

At Aafiyat, we care for our patients. Patients come first for us. So, before you start your tour make sure to be safe and healthy with Aafiyat.

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Enjoy a safe and protected journey with Aafiyat Medical Centre. Give us a call to avail of our assistance. We are ready to guide you to keep you safe and protected.

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